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The father of Biotechnology

Jokichi Takamine was conferred the honorary title of « Father of Modern Technology » for developing the world’s first amylolytic enzyme, Taka-diastase, in 1896, and succeeded in isolating adrenalin for the first time in the world in 1901 

Dr. Takamine thought of various uses for the enzyme right from the start

Negotiations with Park Davis & Company had started in 1893, a year before the actual patent materialized.
In a letter addressed to Dr. Takamine, Mr. Smith, the director of that same firm,  queried the fact that the use of Taka-diastase was limited to digestive powders, and suggested that they should explore a wider range of applications, for example, to improve the quality of dough in manufacturing bread, cake or crackers, whiskey, etc.


Takamine Laboratory, the oldest enzyme producer in the world.

The office was inaugurated in 1914, in New York, and a new laboratory and factory were constructed in Clifton City, New Jersey in 1917.
Starting with Takadiastase, it made a wide variety of enzymes for industrial use in the food and the textile industry, etc., and also briefly produced enzymes for laboratory tests.
In the year 1982, operations were shut down and, in 1987, the factory was dismantled.